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Tabrin - Chapter V: The Help of a Draenei

“Pardon me but would you mind helping me out?” Asked Tabrin.

The Draenei looked around curiously and then pointed at himself.

“Me?” He asked.

“Yes, you.” Tabrin answered.

He placed the berries he had picked into his bag and then walked over to Tabrin with a questionable look upon his face.

“What can I help you with?” He asked; examining her as he got closer.

With a flirtatious smile, Tabrin attempted to tell him.

“See, I am currently on a legendary quest. It seems like I have been trying to get that legendary dildo since, forever. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I had to do before getting to this point.” She said.

He let out a low chuckle.

“Really. Like what?” He asked.

“Hm, let’s see…there was ‘Milk Maiden’. I had to make my way back to Karazan. It wasn’t easy at all. I had to group up for that one. Then there was ‘Jack-off a Gryphon’. That one turned out to be somewhat easier than expected. Once I got a hold of his balls, he was mine. Also, there was one where I had to play a slave to an Under Lord. I was to join in on the orgy and then before he cums, kill him and collect his tendrils. I didn’t realize that I had to fuck him senseless until four hours into it and failing repeatedly. That then led to an escort quest where I had to free his sex slaves and safely return them home. Felt as if it took days. I tell you, it has been an experience.” She told him.

He laughed.

“My next quest is to collect none other than Draenei cum. So if you could give me some that would be fantastic.” She said.

He gave a bewildered look.

“Y-you want my cum? You want me to just give you my cum? I can’t hand it over to you just like that.” He said.

“Oh, I know. I intend to do my part.” She said as she pulled down her thong and tossed them casually to the side.

Tabrin sat on the grass and spread her legs.

“Come on then. What are you waiting for?” She asked.

He cleared his throat.

“Um, I, uh…so this is how you intend to get it?” He asked.

“Do you have any other ideas? This is the best way I can think of.” She said while gesturing him to come to her.

He cleared his throat once more and then slowly grabbed his cock.

“Perhaps this might help.” Tabrin said as she leaned forward onto her knees and plopped her mouth onto his large, pale blue, slightly hard cock.

“Come out you.” She said, talking directly to his cock.

Tabrin pulled back the foreskin and began flicking her tongue on the head.

He let out a moan.

“Very big and very nice. Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” She said.

“Oh, mmm, it’s um, it’s Mordiev. My n-name is Mordiev.” He stumbled over his words as she continued to lick his cock while looking up at him and keeping eye contact.

With saliva dripping down she told him her name.

“It’s nice to meet you Mordiev. I am Tabrin.” She cheerfully replied.

Tabrin licked up and down along the shaft while gently cupping his balls.

“You are really good at this, Tabrin.” Mordiev said.

She first slowly shoved his thick cock into her mouth. She then quickly began to slide her mouth up and down his entire cock. She held her breath each time as she paused with his cock down her throat until she gagged.

She felt his cock jolt in her mouth. She pulled back.

“No. Not yet!” Tabrin said.

He gave a confused look.

“I thought that is what you wanted.” He said, confused.

“Oh, I do. It’s just that it would be so much more satisfying to get it another way.” Tabrin said.

She stood up and she took hold of his cock in her hand. She turned around, her ass facing him, with his cock still in hand and directed his it to her pussy.

Mordiev’s cock was rock hard. Pre-cum dripped onto her ass. He tried his best to hold back. Just looking at her ass after receiving such incredible head was nearly enough to send him over.

“Mordiev, don’t keep my pussy waiting for too long.” She told him.

He took a deep breath and grasped onto her hips. He closed his eyes as he slid his cock into Tabrin’s hot, wet pussy.

He groaned as her pussy engulfed his cock. The feel was amazing.

“You, you are different from any female I’ve ever encountered.” He said, pumping his cock in and out of Tabrin; gripping her ass tightly.

“Mmm, well that is probably because my kind is rare. At least to my knowledge. I’m part Human, part Blood Elf. Human-Blood Elf. Blood Elf-Human. Blood-Human, what-have-you.” She said.

“I wonder if that can account for why your pussy is so wet.” Mordiev said, then biting his lip.

“No. I’m quite sure that has to do with how deeply you are fucking me with that giant cock of yours.” She replied.

Tabrin’s ass jiggled ferociously beneath Mordiev’s enormous, masculine hands.

In the midst of pounding away on her ass, Mordiev grabbed Tabrin by the hair, lifting her head. That is when Tabrin looked up and noticed a very gorgeous, thick, female Draenei watching from a short distance away.

Tabrin looked back at Mordiev.

Still in the midst of fucking, they both looked on as the female Draenei slowly approached.

“Hi. My name is Rishca. I couldn’t help but notice you from over there. I wondered if I might join you? I believe that you and I might be on the same quest. Maybe this way we could get more and faster.” Said Rishca.

“Hm, I’m not really in a rush to end this quest but inviting you would make it much more enjoyable. Besides, now I’ll have twice the Draenei cum.” Tabrin said.

Tabrin grabbed her tits and began pulling at her nipples while looking up at Rishca.

Rishca got the hint. She squatted down and began to ruthlessly suck on Tabrins tits. Nibbling and slurping away, trying her best to fit her whole tit in her mouth.

Tabrin tried assisting her in her efforts all while getting her ass banged hard by the huge, hung Draenei.

Without noticing, Mordiev began to pump Tabrin’s ass faster and faster.

“I-think-Mordiev-likes-what-he-sees. Mmm, fuck!” Tabrin tried to utter out and in between breathes.

Tabrin’s tits bounced wildly around. Rishca was finding it hard to get a good hold on them. So she stood up and started to rub herself, with one hand on her tits and one down on her clit. Her nipples got harder and harder by the second.

None of them could be any more turned on then they were at that moment, watching one another.

“Rub your clit for me baby. Get that pussy nice and wet.” Tabrin said to Rishca.

Rishca grinded away on her clit. She slipped in a few of her fingers.

Tabrin grabbed Rishca by the hips and pulled her closer. She then spit on her pussy before pulling her close enough to slide her tongue onto her clit.

“That’s a-good…Ahhhh…girl…ooohhhh.” Rishca said.

Rishca turned around and bent over, positioning her pussy in front of Tabrin and spread her ass.

Tabrin, once more, spit on Rishca’s already wet, glistening pussy. She then placed each of her hands on Rishca’s ass, pulling her closer so to smother her face into her meaty pussy.

She licked generously up and down Rishca’s asshole and pussy lips.

Mordiev could barely hold back but he managed to by taking out his cock every so often and hitting it against Tabrin’s ass before ramming it back in and fucking her intensely.

“Ohhh fuck yessss!” Tabrin said as she raised her head up from Rishca’s pussy for air.

Tabrin then took her fist and slowly pushed it into Rishca’s fat pussy. It went in with ease. She pushed in as far up as she could before pulling it back out.

“Ahhh! Oooh!” Rishca let out a shriek.

Tabrin began to fist Rishca swiftly. Juices splashed all over. Rishca’s tits shook as her body jolted.

A huge cock in her pussy and a juicy pussy in her mouth was heaven to Tabrin.

“I-I’m cu-cumming. Oh fuck!” Tabrin yelled out.

She couldn’t hold it back anymore.

Neither could Mordiev.

Rishca quickly followed suit.

First cum from Tabrin’s pussy spewed out onto Mordiev’s deeply inserted cock and down her trembling thighs.

“Ahhh…ahhhh…oh yeaahhh!” Said Tabrin.

Mordiev, with his powerful thrusts, exploded cum into Tabrin’s throbbing pussy. His and her cum came gushing out of her pussy and onto the ground, making a sizeable puddle below.

“Fuck! Fuck! F-fuck!” Said Mordiev.

With Tabrin fisting Rishca, nearly to her elbow, Rishca’s body quivered. She rubbed her clit and suddenly her pussy squirted out cum onto Tabrin’s face. Tabrin opened her mouth wide with tongue out.

“Oooooohhh…Shit! Shit! Ohhh fuck!” Said Rishca.

As they all gasped for air, breathing heavily, Mordiev gently pulled his cock from Tabrin’s dripping pussy. Tabrin then slid her arm from Rishca’s drenched pussy.

Quest Completed.

“Thanks so much you two.” Tabrin said, slipping her thong back on.

“It was my pleasure.” Said Mordiev.

“Mine as well. Thanks for inviting me.” Said Rishca.

“If ever you need my assistance, please contact me at will.” Mordiev said.

“I will do just that.” Tabrin said with a smile.

She backed away and waved goodbye.

“On to the next!” She said before she turned around and made her way towards the portal.

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